Casa Cuesta, more than 135 years of history in Triana

…There were exactly eleven bars in the three hundred meters distance between Casa Cuesta and Triana Bridge. The statistics is one bar every twenty seven meters…

This phrase belongs to the book “La Piel del Tambor” written by the famous writer Arturo Perez Reverte and describing Triana at the beginning of XX century. In the novel the writer is doing an inventory of ancient and traditional bars of Triana. Many of them have disappeared along time but still few of them remains and maintain the tradition of old “tabernas” from Triana.

One of them is precisely Casa Cuesta attending customers since 1880. Casa Cuesta is an institution for the tapas culture, the ceramics tradition and the history of Sevilla. Casa Cuesta is one of the few existing bars in Sevilla that started serving in XIX century.

Casa Cuesta has a strategic location in the heart of Triana quartier near of Triana Bridge, San Jorge Castle, Museum of Inquisición, Ceramics Museum and the Food market of Triana.

The bar itself is like a type of museum with his modernist style wood bar, centenary tiles and antic original advertising posters of spring feasts of Sevilla.

Apart from the above considerations, Casa Cuesta is an emblematic site where tapas and stews of the traditional Andalucía home cooking are served. Most of them are cook following the original written recipes found in the bar and dated 1925. Nowadays, we have updated them and reinvent them to follow the actual patterns and current tastes but we have preserved the flavour and sensations of the ancient tradition of Andalucía home cooking.